[fdo-users] Map3D 2011: PostgreSQL/Postgis provider connection problems

Brent Robinson brent.robinson at autodesk.com
Mon Apr 26 11:17:40 EDT 2010

Hi Andreas,

Try host:port for the connection string. Internally, the provider will handle adding the datastore that you select to the connection string. The 3.5 provider has a bug in that it will add the db part even if it is there already so the connection string passed to PostgreSQL was likely

db at db@host:port

This has been fixed in the trunk.


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I am trying to get the PostgreSQL/Postgis FDO 3.5 provider runninng in
Map3D 2011. I can first connect and get the listing of databases. However,
when I want to continue by pressing the "Connect" button I get a "Failed
to connect" error message. The detailed error message does not contain
more details - it just says: "Failed to open FDO connection. RDBMS: Not
connected to the specified database"

My connection string is: db at host:port

The fact that I get the listing of "Data stores" (the PostgreSQL
databases) tells me that the connection string should be correct and that
there is a different problem.

Any idea what could be wrong? My PostgreSQL is 8.4.2 and Postgis is 1.4.1,
running on Ubuntu server. Connections with other tools work fine.


Andreas Neumann

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