[fdo-users] Delay loading dlls ?

Oyvind Idland oyvind.idland at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 10:17:53 EST 2010


we have an issue with dll loading when using them in an Asp.NET application.

The server pre-loads assemblies before executing the app. While doing this,
it will also attempt to load
native dependencies. Deployment and loading works somewhat different in an
Asp application, so
its starts looking for the dll's all over the place. In some cases it may
load dll's from another app's
bin-folder, if it is set in $PATH.. which causes unpredictable consequences
in some cases.

If delay load is set on the topmost dependencies, the Asp-app can specify
the dll using SetDllDirectory()
before the dependencies is loaded.

Is it possible to have this feature added in FDO 3.5 and above ?

-- Øyvind Idland
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