[fdo-users] MySQL Connection issues

Frank Misurec frank.misurec at open-minds.ca
Mon Jul 12 14:47:08 EDT 2010



I installed the 64 bit version of MapGuide Enterprise 2011. I seem to be
having problems connecting to a MySQL database so I created a test program
to see if I could connect directly using FDO. Originally I had the 32 bit
version of MySQL installed and put the libMySql.dll file in the
Server\Bin\FDO directory and I would get an error that the libMySql.dll was
not found when trying to open the connection. I uninstalled the 32 bit
version of MySQL and installed the 64 bit version of MySql and copied the 64
bit version of libMySql.dll to Sever\Bin\FDO and now when I try to open the
connection I get the error:


"Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication
that other is memory is corrupt"


Anyone know what the problem may be or what the proper configuration for
MySQL on a 64 bit system is?





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