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Fri Jul 23 03:45:55 EDT 2010


Orest Halustchak wrote:
> Crispin, do you have some examples of the types of data models that you
> would like to support?

This very simple example is for the management of cartographic labelling for
an object - is positioned text.  I am sure this is something that has been
asked of some of the high-end editing clients using FDO.

Take a river class - some rivers are short and have no labels (these
requirements are for positioned 'cartographic' labels, not auto-generated
labels).  Some have one and some have many.  The labels do not exist as a
"layer" themselves as are only ever associated with the river - when the
river is off they disappear without needing to have application-level logic
such as a layer-group fudge.  Editing the label geometry is really editing
one of the complex geometry/attribute the river object.

More complex examples such as property boundaries containing properties and
masts where the properties and masts are entities of their own and also
shared with other objects.  These can, of course, be modelled at the
application level but rich object management is just a "better" way of
handling the real-world.
Just as managing topographic detail is moving from classic lines
(historically print/plot/carto driven needs) to polygons (GI
representation)... business modelling is moving to multi-cardinality
representation rather than simple features.

Another Question:
If an object in a class has a geometry and the association/object properties
include geometry, what will happen with a spatial query?  By default I
assume that only the parent geometry be used in the query as the filter must
explicitly define the geom column that it is acting on.
Brent said above that you could do a filter like
"ParentClass.ChildObject.Value = 1" so I assume this is supported for
spatial filters.  Where there is 1:m cardinality on associations does the
query below automatically run on *every* association - that would be very
 ParentClass.ChildAssociation.Geom EnvelopeIntersects
GeomFromText('<geometry text>')

e.g. For a river labelling it may be expected that either the labels are
only show when the river object is visible in some applications, but for a
cartographic map tiling generation (where consistency is needed) the label
should show even if the river is on the adjacent tile but the label geom is
on this tile.

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