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Jason Birch jason at jasonbirch.com
Wed Jun 9 14:31:23 EDT 2010

FYI. Please be aware of the coming service migration for OSGeo Trac
and SVN services. There is a service window where these will not be

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As of this morning, I believe that I have completed the final testing
for migration of trac/svn services to the new host. As a result, I
will be shifting services this evening, starting shortly after
midnight eastern time.

 * Writes will be disabled at this time.
 * A final copy of the data to the new server will commence
 * After the final copy, the DNS record will be updated. DNS
   is set to 1 hour TTL, so after approximately one hour,
   SVN should be functional again. (You can confirm this has
   occured by checking that 'svn.osgeo.org' resolves to

 * A final copy of the data to the new server will commence.
 * A redirect will be created at this time.
 * The DNS record will be updated.

 In the interim, you will be able to use Trac via the

The practical upshot of this is that you should not plan any
heavy usage of trac/svn starting around midnight eastern time
tonight. Once the DNS changes have been made, I will update
the list.

Best Regards,
Christopher Schmidt
Web Developer
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