[fdo-users] ArcSDE personal connect

Romica Dascalescu Romica.Dascalescu at autodesk.com
Wed May 26 14:07:47 EDT 2010

Here I found a few details about how to specify parameters to use direct connect, I hope it will help you.



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I have been trying to make an autocad map (2010, 2011) connection to sql2008 express with an arcsde 9.3.1 personal gdb. I get several reactions depending on which connection and the values I use. I tried going through autodesk support to get a resolution. I got the following response from them. I have seen some responses on this forum expressing that the connection is possible. Any help would be appreciated.
My connection parameters...
sql server spatial
service name:              sde:sqlsserver:myserver\sqlexpress
response:                    credentials are not valid or provider is unable to establish a connection.
ArcSDE connection
server name:                myserver\sqlexpress
instance name:            sde:myserver\sqlexpress
response:                   no error on credentials but the data store not populated
the sde:sqlserver:myserver\SQLEXPRESS syntax works in FME and returns the geometry correctly

Autodesk Response ...

Here's the official word from the product manager:

This is not a supported configuration. Not tested. I suspect the "local connect" string is not understood by our provider.  But even if Map 3D did connect, you wouldn’t be able to "create a datastore". FDO Provider for ArcSDE doesn’t allow creation of data store from Map 3D. you can only connect and edit existing ArcSDE Data Stores.

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