[fdo-users] KingOracle bug 562

Riccardo Pucci riccardo.pucci at gruppoesc.it
Wed Jul 27 06:05:49 EDT 2011

KingOracle bug http://trac.osgeo.org/fdo/ticket/562 is now open from 
long time, preventing the use of the provider in linux environment.
Two years ago, I had to deploy MGOS (2.1) for a client, and I modified 
the oracle provider switching back from UNICODE (UTF16) to multibyte 
Now I have I'm facing the same situation with MGOS 2.2, and I have to 
choose if to go with the same solution (switch to multibyte), which  is 
obviously "ad hoc" and cannot be incorporated in the official version of 
the provider, or to try something different.
Haris some time ago, posting to this list, said about that issue: "Not 
much work to fix it", so if he (or someone else) want to give me a clue, 
I can spend some time trying to find a solution. I've some ideas...


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