[fdo-users] ArcSDE provider: unit-tests crashes

Oyvind Idland oyvind.idland at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 07:22:01 EST 2011

I am trying to run the unit-tests for ArcSDE, but I get a crash. I also get
the same crash in the trunk version.

Has these tests been run by anybody else recently ?

For some reason, SE_uuidgenerator_free_uuids() crashes. I suspect this may
be due to memory
errors elsewhere, but havent got to the bottom of it so far.

test: BasicUpdateTests:update_uuid

ArcSDE\Src\Provider\ArcSDEInsertCommand.cpp, line 307:

    if (uuidColumns > 0)
        SE_uuidgenerator_free_uuids(uuid_list, uuidColumns);

uuidColumns = 1
uuid_list = 0x01f7af90  "{58A06551-5F2B-4CB3-B510-D4B4D80AB21A}"


HEAP[UnitTest.exe]: Heap block at 01F7AF88 modified at 01F7AFBC past
requested size of 2c
Windows has triggered a breakpoint in UnitTest.exe.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\include\delayhlp.cpp
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