[fdo-users] SL-King SpatiaLite FDO Provider - cannot create multiple tables

Ryan Proulx ryan.proulx at safe.com
Wed Mar 23 14:29:56 EDT 2011

Perhaps this is not quite the right forum, but despite being successful
using the new SL-King SpatiaLite FDO Provider (version 0.1.2 as made
available here <http://www.sl-king.com/fdospatialite>) to read from
SpatiaLite databases we have encountered a few issues writing to SpatiaLite.

One of the primary issues in using this provider is that we were unable to
write to more than one table to a schema. An SQL error is raised when
attempting to create the second table indicating that the first table
already exists. In this example creating two identical tables named 'states'
and 'states2' respectively the 'states' table is written correctly first and
then the following exception is thrown for the second time we apply schema
for the 'states2' table:

'class FdoException exception: Error prepare statement 'CREATE TABLE states
PRIMARY KEY ( PRIMARYINDEX ) ) ,! sqlite_error='table states already exists'

It appears that though the provider claims 'SupportsSchemaModification', all
features for a schema are expected to be provided at once as it attempts an
SQL create table statement for each table currently in the schema.
Thus, if a schema is built up and applied one table at a time, as we do in
our application, the above error results. Similarly there is no support for
dropping tables when they are removed from the schema.

Is this the wrong approach (it does seem to work nicely in other providers)?
Is this planned on being fixed soon?

For now we have coded around the creation issue but have had to disable
table dropping.

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