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Mon Jan 9 09:13:36 EST 2012

Hi Greg

I have checked the setenvironment.bat file for any paths, and they all seem
to point to the default locations where I have e.g. visual studio
The setenvironment.bat file runs fine with a few "OPTIONAL" messages
(missing tools for for building docs etc).
The build_thirdparty.bat fails with this error if I parse any parameters to
the bat file:
  The system cannot find the batch label specified - study_params
Running without any parameters I get the previously described errors about
openssl/rsa.h file.

Regards Hans Milling...

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Have you installed ActivePerl and NASM as indicated in

Did you modify and call setenvironment.bat to set your build environment?

Try the following commands for Win32 Debug

build_thirdparty -w=fdo -w=ogr -c=debug
build -w=fdo -w=ogr -c=debug 

Try the following commands for Win64 Debug

setenvironment.bat x64
build_thirdparty -w=fdo -w=ogr -c=debug -p=x64 build -w=fdo -w=ogr -c=debug

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My old english teacher always told me "To do calculation is to be able to
read", meaning that if you do not read the equation or description of the
problem properly, you cannot solve it properly. I guess the same thign goes
for building the FDO. I completely missed the thirdparty bat file from the
documentation. Thanks Jackie.

However building the thirdparty fails:

c:\opensource_fdo\thirdparty\libcurl\lib\urldata.h(71): fatal error C1083:
Cannot open include file: 'openssl/rsa.h': N o such file or directory

Looking trough the solutions and project files, I can see that the
application try to find the header files in the:
OpenSource_FDO\Thirdparty\openssl\inc32 however this folder does not exist.
I tried to copy the include folder (that seems to have the files needed) to
a copy named inc32, but the compiler then breaks with a lot of syntax
errors. What am I missing?


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