[fdo-users] FDO OGR <SupplementalSpatialContextInfo>

Carlos Lacerda carlos.lacerda at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 06:16:37 PDT 2012

Hi Guys,

I have a simple question using SupplementalSpatialContextInfo in
FeatureSource on Mapguide.

I have a Map using WGS84 SRS and need overlays with a DGN Layer in UTM23s SRS.

All right, I create a map using UTM23s and DGN Layer is rendered Ok,
but now I need use a Map with WGS84 SRS and overlays this DGN layer,
so I try use the   <SupplementalSpatialContextInfo> tag in
FeatureSource definition without success, as DGN don´t have SRS inside
file I try the combinations below:

...  <SupplementalSpatialContextInfo>

...  <SupplementalSpatialContextInfo>

...  <SupplementalSpatialContextInfo>
    <Name />

I try the same above using WGS84 on <CoordinateSystem> tag without success :(

I stay using <SupplementalSpatialContextInfo> incorrectly or OGR don´t
support this feature or I going in wrong direction ?

I have a lot of SDF files with Features in UTM23s SRS in a Map using
WGS84 SRS and the map rendering fine without need
<SupplementalSpatialContextInfo> tag.

Thanks a lot for any sugestions.

Carlos Lacerda
System Architect - CIAS

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