[fdo-users] Using spatial filter when adding features to map

Bassler, Brian CTR NAVFAC MIDLANT, GIS brian.bassler.ctr at navy.mil
Tue Sep 25 13:20:06 PDT 2012


In AutoCAD Map 3D 2010, I'm connecting to a personal geodatabase using the OGR provider.  Once I've selected the desired features I can either Add to Map or Add to Map with Query.  Does Add to Map with Query even work with the OGR provider? The selections along the top of the Query Builder screen are Property, Operator, Math Function, Text Function Date Function, Geometiric and Conversion.  It appears that only the first two are enabled, the rest do nothing.  I'd like to be able to select a circle, and Add to Map only the objects that will fall within that circle but it looks like that capability does not exist with the OGR provider.  Is that correct?

Thanks,  Brian

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