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Orest Halustchak Orest.halustchak at brockwellit.com
Mon Aug 5 06:26:53 PDT 2019

Hi Artem,

What exception message did you get?

Is FeatId an integer type?


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here is my code:

FdoStringP sFilter1 = L"\"FeatId\" >= 1 AND \"FeatId\" < 11.2"; // exception
on pRowIterator->ReadNext()
FdoStringP sFilter2 = L"\"FeatId\" >= 1 AND \"FeatId\" < 11"; //works ok

select->SetFilter(sFilter1); // select->SetFilter(sFilter2);
FdoPtr<FdoIFeatureReader> pRowIterator = select->Execute();
while (pRowIterator->ReadNext())

why sFilter1 is not working? Is it Bug or am I doing smt wrong? FDO 4.0.0.

Best Regards,

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