[Featureserver] Delete From PostGIS Problems

Aaron Sutula Aaron.Sutula at noaa.gov
Wed Jan 30 16:33:57 EST 2008

Hi Everyone,

I have configured FeatureServer 1.11 to read data from a PostGIS 
database and serve that data to an OpenLayers web client. I have been 
very satisfied with how straight forward it was to get my web client 
creating and modifying features in my database via FeatureServer. The 
next step is deleting features... I am getting a Python error when 
attempting to delete a feature. The command

    curl -X DELETE 

results in the following traceback:

    An error occurred: int argument required
      File "/var/www/html/featureserver-1.11/FeatureServer/Server.py", 
line 281, in cgiHandler
        format, content = service.dispatchRequest( params, path_info, 
host, post_data, request_method, accepts )
      File "/var/www/html/featureserver-1.11/FeatureServer/Server.py", 
line 145, in dispatchRequest
        result = method(action)
line 160, in delete
        cursor.execute(str(sql), {self.fid_col: action.id})

I can access that same feature with other http methods with no problems.

I am running FeatureServer 1.11 under httpd-2.2.6-3 with mod_cgi and I 
have python-2.5.1-15.

Has anyone seen this problem before? Thank you for any help you can provide.

- Aaron

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