[Featureserver] Shifting Development Services

Christopher Schmidt crschmidt at metacarta.com
Tue Jan 12 17:01:38 EST 2010

(Note that you may have seen a similar email like this for TileCache;
please respond to this one seperately if you care ;))


So for a while, FeatureServer has been hosted at MetaCarta; while that's been
the case, I've been lazy insofar as I have not actually managed it well
or set up a trac/ticket tracker.

I see a couple possibilities for fixing this:
 * Migrate to some other public hosting of SVN (Google code or the like)
 * Migrate to some other public hosting of not-SVN (github or the like)
 * Migrate to OSGeo infrastructure

The latter requires cursory approval of the OSGeo SAC, but I'm not concerned
about getting that. 

I'm in favor of moving to OSGeo; FeatureServer makes a good project alongside
many of the OSGeo software projects (MapServer, GeoServer, PostGIS, OpenLayers,
etc.) However, I realize the popularity of distributed VCS, and if we're going
to make a shift, I understand the desire to do so once :)

Does Github's ticket tracking let people do what they want for ticket
tracking, or would trac be more useful?

I have no particularly strong incentive for SVN, just what I'm familiar
with; if others prefer github, especially given the current tendancy for
people to hack their own FS stuff together, I'm happy to support that 

(I'm attempting to migrate some of the services off an overloaded machine
at MC, hence the reason for transition, and this affords the oppourtunity
to evaluate what FeatureSErver actually needs now that we've had the 
project around for a couple years, and it's relatively stable.)

Christopher Schmidt
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