[Featureserver] Problem with kml where coords separated only by linefeed

Peter Robins fs at peterrobins.co.uk
Sat Jan 23 07:09:57 EST 2010

I've having a problem with kml input where the coords in say a
linestring are separated by linefeed not space, like this:

kml.py gets the nodevalue, and it looks like the nodevalue ignores all
linefeeds, meaning the coords get concatenated 50.30437.59 etc, so you
end with one long string with no space between coordinate pairs.

I've tried searching the web without success. Is there a way to get
nodevalue to convert linefeeds to space as an html parser would do? At
the moment, the only solution I've found to this problem is to edit
the file and insert a space at the beginning or end of each line!

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