[FOSS-GPS] GPS in space?

Marcus Wolschon Marcus at wolschon.biz
Thu Nov 6 02:14:22 EST 2008

2008/11/5, Risto H. Kurppa <risto at kurppa.fi>:
> Hi!
> Does anyone know how well GPS works in the space? How high is it still
> reliable, what causes the possible errors and so on? If you take a GPS
> device beyond the geostationary level (where the satellites are?),
> what happens? I suppose some customization is required but a normal
> handheld GPS wouldn't handle it properly.

It could probably be used. With more then 2 satelites you know a
single 3D-location.
However the antennas surely don't point anywhere else then earth and
 ...why would you?
You can get your location very well and with high accuracy by looking
at the stars instead.
Many satelites get their location this way.


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