[FOSS-GPS] High accuracy positioning with low cost GPS devices:a FOSS project

John Morris john at coyotebush.net
Sun Oct 12 22:58:08 EDT 2008

>> The other inexpensive receiver is Thales AC-12. This one provides
>> carrier phase within a couple mm. My understanding it is the same GPS
>> which is used in the Promark II for doing single frequency RTK.

>I just phoned Navtechgps.com and they have the development kit for the
>Magellan AC12 for $995

The AC12 "OEM modules" are reasonably priced. I purchased a pair from
Navtech for $170 apiece. You have to do some soldering, but it's

Here's a picture: http://www.precision-gps.org/ThalesAC12.htm

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