[FOSS-GPS] Introduction

Milo van der Linden milovanderlinden at gmail.com
Sun Sep 21 07:27:23 EDT 2008


My name is Milo van der Linden. I am a BSc. Geodesy/Geo-IT from the 
Netherlands. I started working as a GIS consultant in the aeronautical 
industry in 1998, since then I used to work with Intergraph, Bentley and 
MapInfo GIS and I earned my tracks in telecom (fiber-network 
registration) and Public Safety.

Since january 2007 I am a open source GIS consultant. co-founder of the 
Dutch "Open Geo Groep". Owner of the plaxo and linkedin "GIS group(s)" 
and an openstreetmap addict. My goal is to bring openstreetmap and osGeo 
together building a bridge between open geo data and open source GIS.

I am particularly interested in linux on mobile devices, in-car devices 
and using GPS for data collection.

I hope I can learn about the latest and greatest in open source GIS on 
this list!

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