[FOSS-GPS] RTKLIB: How to use it to develop a cheap DGPS base station?

Mauro Ugarte Avilés mauro.ugarte at cefop.udec.cl
Thu Nov 11 15:17:55 EST 2010

Dear Tomoji,

DGPS base stations are much more expensive than some well known 
receivers that can output raw data, and considering that RTKLIB can use 
that data and correct the pseudoranges of a rover, I was thinking if it 
is possible to use those corrections to output them as RTCM SC-104 
messages, thus developing a cheap DGPS base station using, for example, 
some decent antenna, an u-blox 5T and RTKLIB with some addition.

I was trying to follow your code, looking for the step where the 
PseudoRange Correction and the Rate Range Correction (PRC[m] + RRC[m/s]) 
are generated for each satellite (based on the raw data from the device 
used as base and the fixed position of it) before being feed to the 
solution computation for the rover position (when using DGPS mode), but 
I couldn't find it.

Can you please give me some advice at where to look on RTKLIB code for 
that computation step? Any other suggestion, tip or comment about what 
I'm trying to do will be more than welcome.

Best regards to you and all list members,

Mauro Ugarte A.

PS.: For those of you wondering why do I want to use DGPS in the first 
place, is because here in Chile there is nothing like WAAS, and I need 
to increase accuracy on pedestrian rovers on rural areas, where the 
ammount and quality of the data required for RTK are unachievable with 
small GPS antennas and variable RF links.
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