[FOSS-GPS] Post-processing RINEX to simulate RTK

Homan, Thomas thoman at co.gila.az.us
Tue Oct 25 16:19:25 EDT 2011

Leave it to me to offer a statement that provides me the opportunity to insert my foot in my mouth! :-) I was remembering using one of our older receivers that was memory limited to 512M. We logged data 40 min before/after flight and had to clean it out each night before the next day's work or there were definite problems.


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"Homan, Thomas" <thoman at co.gila.az.us> writes:
> eloped during the RTK session. 20Hz data collection was probably fine
> but the RTK processing of our 2 different mfr's work at 1 or 2 HZ. As
> I'm sure you saw, 20Hz data fills up memory cards VERY quickly.

Hmm. For RTK I receive RXM-RAW and RXM-SFRB messages from my ublox
antaris 4 receiver. RXM-RAW messages take 8 + NSV * 24 bytes and 42

Even if you use 20 Hz and assume that you see 15 satellites (clearly not
possible) you still only get 20 * (8 + 15 * 24 + 42) = 8200 bytes per
second. My 8 GB SDHC card that costs 13 EUR can thus store data for
about 11 days.
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