[FOSS-GPS] need help about RTCM 18/19 20/21 and my static network test with rtklib.

julio menezes yjmenezes at yahoo.com.br
Sun Apr 1 12:10:12 EDT 2012

dear foss-gps folks.

I put in my webpage some static processing with rnx2rtkp under GNU/Linux.
A small network joining two precise oficial mapping agency landmarks.
They are  my steps to figure out how to use RTKLIB and GPSTK.
The results with RTKLIB are realy very nice but I have some problens with GPSTK.

I wrote a shell script to configure my u-blox-4T for RXM-RAW and RXM-SFRB to be used as replacement of Ublox-Ucenter windows application. 

they are here, http://gpl2.com.br/gps_test/


My next step will be how to broadcast RTCM messages 18/19 or 20/21 phase data. Ublox-4T by hardware only can receive code messages 1,2,3 and 9.
I have to start reading about it.

I would appreciate any tip, I desire centimeter results.

thx all in advanced,

julio menezes

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