[FOSS-GPS] Does Moving Base RTK increase both receiver's accuracy or increase one to other's accuracy.

Adam Steer Adam.Steer at utas.edu.au
Mon Feb 13 03:52:55 EST 2012

>Today someone said, the "moving base RTK" accuracy is based on the base
>station's accuracy.

>so , if two receivers have  2m accuracy and even they have moving base
>function..their accuracy can not be higher than 2m.

>is this correct?

I've got very good results (sub decimetre over short baselines) from moving baseline positioning in terms of the vector between two moving receivers. However, one receiver or other (the least mobile one) needs positioning some other way to give the whole system good absolute positioning.

Even with great receivers, the 'absolute' positioning for a moving baseline is very suspect.

On this topic, I've been using a commercial product for moving baseline processing. I'd be super keen to hear about FOSS alternatives!!



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