[FOSS-GPS] Re: New Project with RTKlib & need help.

Mauro Ugarte Avilés mauro.ugarte at cefop.udec.cl
Mon Jan 2 09:23:48 EST 2012

> I don't need absolute position of two vehicles.
> I just need the relative position between two vehicles.
> My aim is display the neighbor vehicle's location based on my vehicle
> location by GPS information exchange.
> if my location have 2m error and other vehicle has the same 2m error with
> the same direction, it is OK to me.
Then you need "Moving-Base" RTK positioning. RTKlib provides that 
option, but I've never used it. Do a google search on "moving base RTK" 
and you should find the basics, it seems to be designed exactly for what 
you are looking for.

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