[FOSS-GPS] convert ubx 6T to rinex

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Wed Jan 4 05:09:14 EST 2012

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Assunto: [FOSS-GPS] convert ubx 6T to rinex
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hi , could anyone explain how can i convert my ubx 6T file to rinex.is rtklib can only convert ubx from U-Blox LEA 4T?
hi slamet

you can try teqc. It works very well for LEA-4T.
Let me know about ublox-6T.

teqc -ubl ubx.

teqc -help to see full options

julio menezes

This is a version I am using.
version:     teqc  2010Oct21
build:       Linux 2.4.20-8|Pentium IV|gcc|Linux|486/DX+
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