[FOSS-GPS] RTKLIB - rtkrcv in linux.

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Sat Jun 2 17:13:16 PDT 2012

Hi Jefferson

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Assunto: [FOSS-GPS] RTKLIB - rtkrcv in linux.
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I'm running rtkrcv in linux, but I found some troubles.
I can't run rtkrcv as a command line, without enter the command prompt.
Someone knows how call rtkrcv without the command prompt?
When I call like this:
./rtkrcv -s -o config_file.conf
the command prompt open and stay opened until I do a shutdown.
I want to execute the rtkrcv from a script without any message.
I wrote an script just now, the problem is how to stop the daemon, may be thru  a telnet console.

#$ GPL2 by yjmenezes at gmail.com ver 1.0 at 2012-06-02 $
# This is just one idea.
if [ $# -lt 5 ]; then
    clear 1>&2
    echo `basename $0` "
 rtkrcv [-s][-p port|-d dev][-o file][-t level]
 -s start RTK server on program startup
 -p port port number for telnet console
 -m port port number for monitor stream
 -d dev terminal device for console
 -o file configuration file
 -r level output solution status file (0:off,1:states,2:residuals)
 -t level debug trace level (0:off,1-5:on)
" 1>&2
    echo `basename $0` "-s -d /dev/ttyACM0 -o rtkrcv.conf " 1>&2
    echo "ps  -ef | grep  ^rtkit  to see it running and/or to send USR2 signal to the process; kill -USR2 [PID]" 1>&2
    exit 1
ARGS=`echo $*` 1>&2
echo "args:" $ARGS 1>&2
# finaly
exit 0

I hope it helps. 
Wich receiver are you working with ?

julio menezes


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