[FOSS-GPS] Foxtrotgps observations.

Richard richardwest at leiston.info
Mon May 21 12:09:28 EDT 2012

I've been using Tangogps/Foxtrotgps for some time now and I'd like to make an 
observation and some suggestions.

I'm using the current - May 14th - incarnation of Foxtrotgps on an Asus Eeepc 
701 4GB. I find that the drawing lag is about 8-10 seconds behind reality, I'm 
pretty sure it didn't used to be that long with the last version of Tangogps 
but I may be misremembering.

Some enhancements I would like to see in some future version would be as 

1. Stop plotting when signal lock is lost or ignore obviously erroneous 
points, I get spurious points thousands of miles from my current track.

2. Stop plotting when there is no motion, this would eliminate the inevitable 
"jitter" when stationary.

3 Add an upload track to Openstreetmap option.

I like Foxtrotgps and have found it the best and simplest at the job I want it 
to do. which is mainly plotting tracks for uploading to Openstreetmap although 
I have used it as a navigational aid when taking a narrowboat on the canals of 

Although I use Open GPS Tracker on my phone a lot now, it is a very small 
screen and I prefer the larger screen on my Eeepc.

Please keep up the good work.



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