[FOSS-GPS] FoxtrotGPS - are suggestions welcome ?

David Bannon dbannon at internode.on.net
Sat Oct 27 15:50:16 PDT 2012

 Hello Joshua

> Do you mean the popup/context menu, or the toolbar?
If you mean where I would like a "logging on / off" icon and if by the
'toolbar' you mean the structure on the left hand side of the window,
then its the toolbar. 

 > Also, what about the `split track', and `load track' functions?
 The split track function is useful but not useful enough to justify
having the right hand side "Control Panel" (if thats what you call it)
displayed all the time. So, I'd be happy to click the toolbar icon
twice to achieve the same effect.
The "load track" and "clear" buttons are really used once you are
reviewing collected data and are fine remaining in the control panel
tab. I'd suggest that tab remain where it is pretty much unchanged and
regard the toolbar icon I am requesting as an alternative way to work.

Keyboard shortcuts might also be another useful alternative, ctrl-l to
toggle logging, maybe something to zoom in or out....


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 "David Bannon"  writes:
 > I contribute data to OSM and use FoxtrotGPS mainly for that
 > purpose. At present, to control the stopping and starting of
 > I need to show the large "control panel" (? for lack of a better
 > onf the right hand side. browse through several pages and then
click a
 > quite small text based tick box. This control panel takes up a
 > lot of screen space and the tick box is quite awkward to find,
 > especially if you are on the move. I would greatly prefer if this
 > functionality was on the left hand menu, fronted with a reasonable
 > sized icon that could (eg) change colour when active.

 Do you mean the popup/context menu, or the toolbar?

 Also, what about the `split track', and `load track' functions?

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