[FOSS-GPS] real-time updated 5-min long SNR time series

Felipe G. Nievinski fgnievinski at gmail.com
Sun Dec 1 10:27:16 PST 2013

I'd like to make a line plot of SNR collected for the last 5 minutes and
updated in real time for a specific satellite.
As RTKNAVI already shows a bar chart of instantaneous SNR for all
satellites, it seems I could modify it.
Could you please be so kind as to offer some advice on what would be the
simplest modification to achieve the goal above.
I looked in app/rtknavi/navimain.cpp, function DrawSnr, but I'm not sure
how best to store the data from past epochs.
Maybe I need to use RTKNAVI in conjunction with RTKPLOT?  Or modify only
RTKPLOT, instead?
Thank you,
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