[FOSS-GPS] PPP with RTKLib: RINEX O- and N- files?

Anders Wallin anders.e.e.wallin at gmail.com
Fri Dec 20 05:56:23 PST 2013

I was now able to run a PPP analysis with the ESA gLAB software, and it
produces similar results to CSRS-PPP

still no luck with RTKLib... :(

On Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 1:50 PM, Anders Wallin
<anders.e.e.wallin at gmail.com>wrote:

> This image shows the problem:
> http://imagebin.org/283130
> I am interested in the clock offset of my GPS receiver.
> The two web-based PPP services produce approximately identical solutions.
> They are spaced by an offset of ca. 3ns, but the shape of the curves are
> very similar.
> The CSRS-PPP solution lists the clock offset in a separate CLK(ns) column.
> The JPL-APPS solution has a Clock(m) colum that I have converted to
> nanoseconds (multiply with 1e9/3e8)
> From RTKPOST I output the time-stamps to the .pos file with 12 decimals,
> and from that calculate the clock offset.
> This is the blue data in the figure which is obviously much more noisy and
> probably not the correct PPP solution.
> What am I missing? Should I apply some correction to the .pos file
> time-stamps? how?
> Anders
>> I am trying to compare my solution against web-pased PPP services at CSRS
>> and JPL:
>> http://webapp.geod.nrcan.gc.ca/geod/tools-outils/ppp.php
>> and
>> http://apps.gdgps.net/apps_file_upload.php
>> these web-based PPP calculations give similar results, but I am not able
>> to reproduce the data with RTKLib.
>> For example the clock error plots are much smoother with CSRS-PPP and
>> APPS, while the RTKLib output is very noisy.
>> Does anyone know how to reproduce the results of these web-based services
>> with RTKLib?
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