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Colin Bouriquet colinbouriquet at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 13:38:31 PDT 2014

Hej Svenn,

> Is it a good or a bad sign that a Chinese product is not offered free of
shipping by at least 10 Hong Kong based exporters?

Well... I can't really tell, but at least when I've ordered my antennas I
felt safer ordering directly from the manufacturer.

Then when I saw the NGS had already some phase center calibration files for
a couple of models I began to think that the antenna was not gonna be just
a plastic case with a fork inside ;-)


For the current models, I've been told new products have been shipped to
NGS and are waiting for the phase center calibration procedure.

> Have you had time to evaluate any antenna from Harxon?

The GS481A yes, I haven't evaluated thoroughly yet by lack of time, but I'm
really pleased with the results so far.
Contact Tilen, he's a very serious guy.


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