[FOSS-GPS] Single frequency static PPP

Paul foss_gps at bodosom.net
Thu May 8 11:10:28 PDT 2014

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In an effort to locate my antenna I collect data with an LEA-6T that I
process with RTKLIB and send to CSRS-PPP.

Last summer Tomoji TAKASU said:

   u-blox 7 does not provide T-version of the module
   at this moment.

   RTKLIB requires T-version like LEA-5T or LEA-6T
   to utilize raw pseudorange and carrier-phase.

1) Is the problem with the -7 module the lack of fixed position or is a -7P
a suitable of raw data for RTKLIB?
2) Is anyone other than CSRS doing (free) single frequency static PPP
3) My CSRS estimate is ~ 0.2m offset from my RTKLIB average (and with a
much larger bounding box).  Is that expected?
4) I discard non PPP records from the .pos file.  Might this cause issues
with any downstream software?

Is the best place for RTKLIB questions -- particularly given the fact that
I'm not really interested in kinematics.
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