[FOSS-GPS] [Spam] Re: Using RTKLib with Novatel OEM device as base

David Kelley DavidKelley at ITSware.net
Thu Sep 4 09:18:51 PDT 2014

Did not NovAtel or the vendor you obtained your modules from provide 
such a thing?   In our shop we do not use their products, mostly due to 
simply being content with other devices (please note that they make 
great stuff), so I myself have never built a decoder for them.

But as you have noted, RTKLIB has one, as does gnsstk.  So does GIPSY if 
you are allowed to access it.  Those are more or less the top open 
toolkits. Keep in mind that the RTKCONV tool may still be you best bet 
for a simple GUI tool, off hand I do not know how to "turn up" the debug 
level there to get some helpful clues.  If anyone else does, please post.

A search for: 'novatel gps binary decoder' shows one I have heard other 
use, as well a some source code examples.

 From the University of Texas (Austin) group there is a tool at:

And I do not know if TEQC can also process it (it converts just about 
everything else)
A quick scan of the mail traffic suggests it does not, but this a tool 
to know about in any event.

I am concerned that the above tosses you into deeper waters than someone 
who simply want to 'use' GPS may care to be but offer it in the hope of 
doing some good.
Good Luck, David Kelley

On 9/4/2014 5:30 AM, jtwork wrote:
> David,
> (somehow the last message was put in a new thread, returning it back to
> here...)
> Could you perhaps link me to one of these 3rd party tools or open toolkits?
> I'm new to working with these GPS receivers so I am quite unfamiliar with
> everything!
> Thanks,
> John
> davidkelley wrote
>> I am puzzled, you should at least be able to use one of 3rd party tools,
>> another open toolkit, or the vendors tools to prove this data stream can
>> be decoded.  There are many tools out there for Novatel.  Once that works,
>> I would then perhaps think the parser step can be of value.  If you send a
>> snapshot of what you are getting I can take a look, or ask a Novatel
>> person next week at ION, but your results seem odd to me. In my limited
>> experience people often presume a msg or data product in the stream that
>> is not in fact there, so I have learned to expend the effort to confirm
>> that first.
>> Regards, David Kelley

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