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Thanks for the responses!  I apologize for breaking the thread, but I had
turned on Digests by accident and couldn't figure out how to reply to
individual messages.


"I'm not sure what receivers you are using, but if it's this one: 
http://www.nvs-gnss.com/products/receivers/item/2-nv08c-csm.html it seems 
to be L1 only, not L1+L2.  The antenna you are using covers 1574-1610 MHz, 
so while multi-system (GPS/Glonass) it is also L1 only. The GPS L2 
frequency is quite a bit lower, at 1227.6 MHz.
As far as I know, GPS L1+L2 receivers start around $750 used (eg. Trimble 
4000ssi on ebay) and much more new.



Hi John.  I had completely overlooked the fact that the NV08C couldn't
utilize L2 as I had read a lot of information about using it in RTK setups.
I'm rather new to GPS.  My understanding is that without L2 I will not be
able to get rid of ionospheric delay, which will increase error.  Could this
be why my system isn't performing as I hoped?  Can I get away with using an
L1+L2 receiver on the Base Station and not on the Rover?



"Did you try with simultaneous mode of ambiguity resolution and use a
smaller min ratio to fix ambiguity, such as 2 or 1.5?
Kind regards,



Hello Yanging.  I tried instantaneous mode and it seemed much worse.  My
Float solutions oscillated by several meters (instead of a tens of
centimeters with a drift) and I couldn't get a Fix.  I tried reducing the
ratio in the other modes.  Although that got me a fix more easily, I was
concerned that it wasn't accurate, as it was not repeatable.  



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