[FOSS-GPS] RTKLib - State of UBlox M8T support

Simon Trény simon.treny at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 03:37:18 PDT 2015

Hello all,

I've been using RTKLib with UBlox M8N and M8T rovers (Evaluation kits from UBlox).
In all my tests, I always got excellent results with M8N (TRK-MEAS + TRK-SFRBX + NAV-TIMEGPS) and more varying results with M8T (RXM-RAWX + RXM-SFRBX). Sometimes the M8T rovers were as good as the M8N, but sometimes they were really worse (~50cm accuracy instead of <10cm accuracy).

It could all just be coincidental as I made only 3 tests comparing M8N and M8T, but I was wondering if the M8T receivers (or the RXM-RAWX format) were considered stable in RTKLib? I ask this question because they were only commercialized recently and they were still recent commits on RTKLib Git repository that improved RXM-RAWX support.

Or could they just be less accurate by nature? M8T seemed better suited for RTK than M8N as they officially support RAW-data, but could they be just less precise at measuring pseudo-range or carrier-phase than M8N?

Best regards,

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