[FOSS-GPS] Configuring RTKGPS+ with SIRF format on Android 5

J.F. Seubers j.f.seubers at rug.nl
Tue Apr 28 06:10:32 PDT 2015

Dear all,

I am new to the FOSS-GPS list, so I hope I am using it the right way. 
Also, experienced in IT and GIS, but a novice to technical GPS.
As an archaeologist I am experimenting with cheap but accurate 
positioning and recently heard about RTKGPS for Android; getting 
accurate (sub 10cm) positioning with an external GPS and your 
I found one example of an experiment with the app on your list as well.

Now I bought an external GPS receiver BU-353-S4USB GPS with SiRF Star IV 
GPS chipset, because I read that it can be reset to RAW L1 band data for 
use with the app. Strangely enough the manual for doing this is in an 
old e-bay post :

So, I followed the steps and can get at least some GPS apps working with 
the antenna on my Windows machine.

On the Android device however, a green light, but no data. I am not sure 
even how to configure the app (info not provided on e-bay or anywhere 
else so it seems). Also, tried the Windows version of RTKNavi, but it 
doesn't roll with SIRF it seems?
Any advice or similar experiences? Should I have bought another antenna 
after all?

Met vriendelijke groet / Kind Regards,

Jorn Seubers
PhD Mediterranean Archaeology
Groningen Institute of Archaeology

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