[FOSS-GPS] post-processing in RTKLib

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Dear Antonella Marisco,

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 Assunto: [FOSS-GPS] post-processing in RTKLib
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 Data: Segunda-feira, 19 de Janeiro de 2015, 8:11
 everybody,I'm new in RTKLib... I collected data in
 static mode and I need to correct measures using data from
 an antenna of GNSS network. I used the RTKPOST in both
 Static and DGPS mode. I need the coordinates
 (lat/long/height or X/Y/Z) of one point 

>From reference station you will need:
a) Rinex Observation and Navigation  data
b) reference position Lat/Lon/Height ( geometric and orthometric if available )
c) antenna height 

Your location:
a) occupation time, depends receiver capabilities ( L1 or L1+L2 ... ) and reference distance.
b) antenna height

the static technic is ok for you.
you must:
a) select static and frequencies, gps+glonass or just gps  ( rtkpost panel )
b ) type the base station position ( rtkpost panel )
c) other minor settings, let the default


julio menezes

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