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I suggest you look on the NTRIP server you use to find an RTCM rev 2.x 
mount point to use.  If you need CRM/CRM+ then your device can probably  
consume Rev 2.1/2/3 messages and may not work with "modern" RTCM rev 3.x 
type messages.   RTKLIB can do either format, but of course you have to 
tell it which one.  As rule in the US market, CMR is mostly used by the 
Agriculture market segment, and the latter variants have not been widely 
adopted outside of Trimble (its inventor).  CMR was intended simply to 
reduce message bandwidth, which it does moderately well. ///The newer 
stuff is also covered by patents. /

One final observation regarding RTKNAVI: the green LED means it is 
connected, the light green blink means it parsed a messages, but it does 
not mean that the message was successfully decoded or used in the 
navigator filter. Setting the Debug trace to a higher level is your best 
bet here  (Options->Tab3 "Output" -> Debug Trace)

On 1/25/2015 7:42 AM, Dan Cook wrote:
>> But support or not support CMR+?
>> i have try ntrip server CMR+ but not show satellite bars and not FIX
> position.
> That's correct. RTKLIB does not contain code to process CMR, CMR+ or CMRX.
> Try looking for specifications for each of those, then read those
> specifications and try implementing actual code to handle them within the
> RTCM oriented framework in RTKLIB. Good luck. It would be easier to switch
> to an RTCM3 mount point on your NTRIP caster.
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