[FOSS-GPS] Can rtkrcv create a pseudo-terminal?

Fred Labrosse ffl at aber.ac.uk
Fri Nov 6 08:56:08 PST 2015


SO far I have used socat to create a pair of linked pseudo terminals, one 
used by rtkrcv to output the solution into, the other to be used by my 
favourite NMEA consumers as a "normal" serial device.

For a number of reasons I would like to move away from socat, so I was 
reading about /dev/ptmx.  And this made me think that actually this is 
something that rtkrcv should handle, as the holder of the master of the 
created slave pseudo terminal.

Any one knows if rtkrcv can do that?  If not, if I modify rtkrcv so that it 
does it, would the authors be interested in the code to include that in the 
package?  I can't do it for windows though.



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