[FOSS-GPS] Can rtkrcv create a pseudo-terminal?

Scott Harrison scott at sharrison.net
Sat Nov 7 14:20:56 PST 2015

Have you looked into using named pipes?
On Nov 6, 2015 11:56 AM, "Fred Labrosse" <ffl at aber.ac.uk> wrote:

> All,
> SO far I have used socat to create a pair of linked pseudo terminals, one
> used by rtkrcv to output the solution into, the other to be used by my
> favourite NMEA consumers as a "normal" serial device.
> For a number of reasons I would like to move away from socat, so I was
> reading about /dev/ptmx.  And this made me think that actually this is
> something that rtkrcv should handle, as the holder of the master of the
> created slave pseudo terminal.
> Any one knows if rtkrcv can do that?  If not, if I modify rtkrcv so that it
> does it, would the authors be interested in the code to include that in the
> package?  I can't do it for windows though.
> Cheers,
> Fred
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