[FOSS-GPS] first steps with RTK and RTKPOST

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Thu Nov 26 11:52:35 PST 2015

Good day Henri

I have built a gps unit that we use in drones, the units can be setup as either base or rover and also stores rinex data for post processing

The unit weigh 137 grams and we have tested them for navigating of the drones as well especially for landing purposes

We are testing one in a 4 seater aircraft tomorrow where we will be hooking it up to the camera and will be storing the photo center positions

The camera will send a signal to the gps and the we write an annotation in the rinex file for identification

We will fly 2 flights over the same area, 1 with rtk and the other without rtk to see what the differences would be

If you are interested please drop me an email


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