[FOSS-GPS] Beidou sattelites reception in RTKNAVI

Stéphane Péneau stephane.peneau at wanadoo.fr
Sat Aug 27 10:44:21 PDT 2016

I see Beidou satellites with my navspark NS-HP in RTKLIB, but not the 
egnos (sbas).
Perhaps it has something to do with the input format not fully recognized.


Le 27/08/2016 à 12:22, Dhirendra Singh a écrit :
> I am using NV08C-CSM latest hardware version 5 which has 2 optional 
> firmwares, GPS + GLONASS & GPS + BEIDOU
> I am using GPS+BEIDOU firmware. The problem is that when I choose 
> GPS,BEIDOU & SBAS from RTKNAVI options,only GPS satellites are chosen 
> & seen. Beidou sattelites are not seen & taken into account for the 
> solution. SBAS sattelites are also not seen( only letter "G"is seen in 
> the RTKNAVI window) . There is not such problem with GLONASS 
> sattelites. Can anyone provide solution to this problem ? When I use 
> Hemisphere A100 smart antenna (which is a GPS+SBAS receiver ) , both 
> GPS & SBAS sattelites are seen ( letter "GS" is seen in the RTKNAVI 
> window). I am using RTKLIB 2.4.2 patch 11 software version.
> With regards,
> Dhirendra singh,
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