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At the present time, in Europe SBAS messages of type 9 that we receive carry URA at 15 (do not use for ranging).Thus, RTKLIB discards all the ranges to SBAS.This is the correct behaviour for standalone positioning, but it should be possible to include those measurements into the differential AR engine as errors in orbits and clocks will cancel out in the double differences.When trying to force URA at 0 (2.4m error) and health at 0 (health OK) in the navigation message,RTKLIB does not generate coherent ranges between base and rover (even when they are in zero-baseline).Is this a clock bias problem or a time interpolation problem?

    On Monday, 23 May 2016, 7:08, Bipin Adaki <bipin.adaki at gmail.com> wrote:

 I am currently working on a asset tracking project, in which i need submeter level accuracy. for the same i am using the Ublox7P(Rover over serial port for testing) and 6M (Base station over serial port). When I start RTKNAVI with settings shown in the link, RTK is not able to display the satellite SNR for the 6M module, for same settings I am able to see the SNR for 7P module and the module is working fine with U-center. I tried replacing the rover and base station still for 6M it does not show the SNR. But in streams it shows data is coming continuously. 

Please help me. 
RegardsBipin Aadaki
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