[FOSS-GPS] Hello. New member here.

Bill Maidment bill at maidment.me
Fri Jun 30 21:21:11 PDT 2017

Introducing myself. I am a 71year old, with 50+ years in IT starting with Mainframe machine code experience through COBOL and then on to PC work and 15 years of Linux (mainly RedHat flavour).
I am now retired but am a volunteer IT guy for our local historical society in Batemans Bay, Australia. I am embarking on a new project for them mapping burial plots in the ancient cemeteries around the area.
We have acquired a pair of Raspberry Pi 3B computers, each with a RasPiGNSS module and Tallysman TW2410 aerial in the hopes that we can get cm accuracy for our GPS plots.
The base station and rover station are currently being constructed and the software (Raspbian Jessie and RTKLIB 2.4.2p12) has been installed with basic testing successful.
We do have some issues with Kinematic fixes and clock times on the Raspberry Pi and I am awaiting delivery of some RTC shims to give us consistent clock times.
More later.....

Bill Maidment

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