[FOSS-GPS] Android Nougat and raw GNSS capability

DavidKelley at ITSware.net DavidKelley at ITSware.net
Mon Sep 4 18:01:55 PDT 2017

Thanks Asalviano for the reminder here.   I cannot see any reason to not to
*a)* get this as part of the core RTKLIB code base, and *b)* teach these
phones to send back observations with NTRIP so remote processing can be
used.  More than a few people have asked about how a tool like RTKLIB (of a
Caster tool) could be used to get L1 PPP solution and send the results back
to the field rovers.  There are always many folks who cannot afford L1/L2
field devices where this may really help. 

FYI, For some reason on my machine the link
https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/sensors/gnss.html  only works if
you first go to

See this mLab code base as well:  
https://github.com/google/gps-measurement-tools  IMHO, RTKLIB is a better
place to start.   There are also a couple of bluetooth connected  NTRIP
Client Phone Apps out there now as well.  The list of supported phones is
quite useful for those of use with older pre-Nougat OS stuff.  

As Felipe G. Nievinski mentions, this was a hot topic a year ago at ION, the
"training" sessions sold out.  After the ION presentations on early field
trials on all of this are presented in 2 more weeks  ( Sept 27th, see
https://www.ion.org/gnss/sessions.cfm?sessionID=673 for the session) perhaps
those lucky enough to attend will know a bit more.

>From my own view, this may be the next big thing for RTK, but the phase
center of the patch antenna used frankly scares me. We may be pulling one
"good" measurements out of hundreds of bad ones.  Can't wait to find out. 

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