[FOSS-GPS] Online NTRIP caster

DavidKelley at ITSware.net DavidKelley at ITSware.net
Tue Nov 6 07:19:55 PST 2018

Sounds like your older GNSS has a serial port but no NTRIP Server built in.
Do you have a spare PC you can use? As Ilya states, use one of the free
tools such as RTKLIB on a PC for this. (A free copy of SNIP NTRIP Caster is
very good for this as well, there are hundreds of professional Caster
networks that use secondary copies of SNIP to connect such older machines). 
If you will use the RTKLIB (in fact the *StrSrv* tool), suggest you download
the newest 'b30' release from RTLexplorer, 
http://rtkexplorer.com/downloads/rtklib-code/  He has implemented an
improvement that makes sure the GNSS is in fact sending data before
connections occur.  That is a minor bug that RTKLIB code has had for a long
time.  You can find connection setup details on the RTKLIB site, the SNIP
/KB site, or in the manual to connect to any NTRIP Caster you need. 

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