[FOSS-GPS] FoxtrotGPS 1.2.2 released

Joshua Judson Rosen rozzin at hackerposse.com
Wed Jul 10 00:25:22 PDT 2019

Hi everybody,

I'd like to announce that FoxtrotGPS 1.2.2 has been released,
and can now be downloaded from <http://www.foxtrotgps.org/>.

A quick list of changes from the NEWS file (since the 1.2.1 release):

     * New --lat and --lon options allow setting the waypoint
       from the command-line, thanks to Pavel Machek.

     * FoxtrotGPS can now be built with libgps 3.18 and later,
       thanks to Charles Curley. Older libgps versions are also
       still usable, as well.

     * Warnings during build from use of deprecated GLib APIs
       have been fixed, also thanks to Charles Curley.

And... I think I actually somehow missed sending a previous announcement e-mail to this list--
back when 1.2.1 was released last year; so for anyone who's wondering what the rest of
the news since 1.2.0 is...:

     * Completed translations:
       - Serbian, thanks to Branko Majic
       - Polish, thanks to Patryk Benderz
       - French now has a correct Keywords entry in the FreeDesktop menu file

     * Various typos have been fixed.

     * Photo geocoding no longer fails to load track-files
       whose names don't end in ".log".

     * Support for the W3C GeoRSS format,
       GeoRSS feeds with no descriptions for their items,
       and the newer feedparser 'where' API

     * Support for parsing KML based tracks.

     * The yournavigation.org interface now uses the version 1.0 KML API.

     * The default maps-for-free.com map repository now uses HTTPS.

       The site now redirects from http to https and
       FoxtrotGPS does not yet support HTTP redirects.
       In addition it provides a bit of privacy on the network.

       Thanks to Christian Barthel (bch) for reporting this
       in the #foxtrotGPS IRC channel on freenode.

     * Reduced the number of warnings + debug statements printed on the console!

     * Switch from GConf to GSettings.
       GConf has been obsolete for years and distributions are removing it.

     * Support for Python 3 and more modern Python libraries,
       and Python 3 is now used by default (Python 2 will be EOL in 2020).

Enjoy! :)

FoxtrotGPS is on the GNU Social network! <https://status.hackerposse.com/group/foxtrotgps>
Not on the network? Ask me for more info!

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