[FOSS-GPS] New program to download Axhtech Z12 files, but need info

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Fri Jun 7 15:20:56 PDT 2019

Hi --

I've written a Python program to download R-files from an Ashtech Z12
receiver.  I'm successfully getting files, but the recent GPS WNRO event
has messed things up.  I'll be releasing this program with GPL once I
have it working (it'll be on my github -- https://github.com/n8ur).

I've tried feeding my result into teqc with the -weeks option but
although I can get it to report the correct date, the +qc option reports
an ephemeris error that seems  to indicate something else needs to be
corrected, with a 1999 year showing up).

If I knew the layout of the R- file (record structure), I think I could
patch the TOW values in the binary, hopefully fooling teqc into making a
valid RINEX file.

I know that the Ashtech file format was considered proprietary 20 years
ago, but in the meantime has anyone figured it out?  Any info would be
greatly appreciated.

If I can't make the R- file download work, we can stream the data to PC
in real time, but the ability to collect without a PC connected would be
very useful.


PS -- why work on such an ancient receiver?  Well, we got several of
them for a good price and want to use them for time stability
measurements of precision frequency standards.

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