[FOSS4G-Oceania] Should Oceania pitch to host the international FOSS4G 2021?

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Thu May 16 14:18:21 PDT 2019

Hi Cameron

I'm in the interested camp. This was something in mind as a pathway for us
as a group, along with starting our organisation, which as we know has
happened, and after getting the pattern working on a few 'regional' events.

I don't want to commit fully yet to be on the committee, as I think I
should seek support from my employer, but I'll help work on the bid if we
have a group that comes together.

I also wanted to note that we received an email from the Melbourne
Convention Bureau, copied below, which I think is a fantastic offer. We
should bounce off other similar organisations in Sydney and Brisbane,
perhaps, but it's quite an attractive proposition, I think.



I have read through the OSGeo Request for Proposals for 2020 (2021 not
released yet).  We would certainly be able to assist you should you decide
to bid.  Our support would include:

   - Assistance with the preparation of the Letter of Intent
      - Preparation of the Bid Document adhering to the Bid Guidelines as
      set out by OSGeo.  We have an in-house designer.
      - Sourcing venue quotes
      - Preparation of a conference bid budget by a professional conference
      - Assisting you with the selection of a conference organiser should
      the conference be won for Melbourne
      - Once the bid has been won we have a Convention Servicing Department
      that will work with you to assist with delegate boosting to ensure a
      successful conference.

MCB also has two streams of funding available that we would apply for:

*State Government Business Event Funding*

This is cash funding that can be used on any component of the event
providing it is attended by a minimum of 600 delegates, has at least 40%
international attendance and is held at the Melbourne Convention and
Exhibition Centre.  In most instances this funding is used to offset the
cost of the venue.  For FOSS4G 2021 we would apply to the State Government
for approximately $100,000.00.

*MCB Citywide Support*

This is a combination of financial and in-kind support offered by MCB. We
can design this to suit your needs and would offer financial support for
items such as securing keynote speakers, hosting site visits and providing
travel grants for delegates from developing nations or young researchers.
The in kind support includes providing destination promotional materials to
help maximise attendance.  I note that OSGeo requires the locals to provide
funding for a Travel Grant Program.

Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB) is a subsidiary of Visit Victoria and a
not-for-profit partnership between State Government of Victoria and private
enterprise.  We work with government, research and academia, professional
associations and suppliers to secure reputable conferences and business
events for Melbourne.  There is no charge for the services we offer.

Please let me know if you have any further queries or require any

On Fri, 17 May 2019 at 06:57, Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com>

> The international FOSS4G 2021 is due to be run in "the rest of the
> world" (not Europe or North America). [1]
> If we decide to bid for it, I think that our Oceania community would
> have a good chance of attracting the conference. Note, running an
> international conference (of 400 to 600 people) will be minimal extra
> effort to running our regional conference (of 200 to 300 people).
> Reasons:
> * We have demonstrated that we have a very robust OSGeo community, by:
> ** Exceeding our FOSS4G Melbourne attendance expectations,
> ** Having a large and very engaged organising committee
> ** By playing a lead role internationally in a few conference areas,
> such as our approach to the travel grant program
> * We have held a successful FOSS4G conference in Sydney in 2009, over a
> decade ago, reinforcing our ability to run a successful regional event,
> and also being long enough ago that it is time for our region to be
> considered again.
> Timing:
> Assuming there will be a similar timeframe to last year [2], key dates
> will be:
> * Oct 2019: Submit 2 page letter of intent
> * Nov 2019 : Submit full proposal (timing being right before our
> regional event, which will be a challenge).
> I think putting the proposal together won't be a major problem, so long
> as we have a community willing to run the conference. We can copy
> template material from Professional Conference Organisors and/or City
> tourist organisations (as we did in 2009), along with material from
> prior conferences.
> What next:
> * We need to work out if we have people willing to commit to this. Two
> people willing to step up as chair/co-chair. 5 to 10 people willing to
> commit to joining the 2021 conference committee.
> So, who is interested?
> [1]
> https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G_Handbook#International_FOSS4G_Rotation
> [2]
> https://svn.osgeo.org/osgeo/foss4g/rfp/2020/FOSS4G2020-request-for-proposal.pdf
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