[Foss4g2008loc] Gantt Chart

Daina Mudimbu dmudimbu at ledc.co.za
Fri Nov 16 06:07:40 EST 2007

LOC, Hi All!
We are still developing our Gantt chart to help keep ourselves on
track. Gavin and I have made changes on it, though we desperately need
to feed it with ongoing and planned activities to make it a working
document. We need your inputs please. Specific issues are:

1. Coordinators (Of overall tasks): Gavin, Karryn, Inge, Dewald, Magda,
Jeff, Petro, Russell
- Please check that we have put you down for the correct items... we
need to have an overall coordinator for each group of tasks who will
motivate the rest of the members in their sub-tasks and keep us on
- please check the time frames for your overall activity and shout out
where you need extra resources for the sub tasks.
- add/update the sub activities as best you see fit and correct the
order and add links where necessary i.e predecessors of your activities
(what MUST happen for you to move on yours)
- indicate status re: stage of completing of task.. even where it has
been completed so we can see where we are.

2. Team Members a.k.a. Coordinators of sub-tasks: (ALL LOC) (assigned
resources in each task are above the bar of each task) 
- check time frames for you sub-task and communicate any changes
required to the coordinator and me so we update the Gantt chart 

3. People SA :
- I'm assuming you have dates that you are already working with for all
your task, please synchronise with those on the chart and send back the
comments either on the chart or in an e-mail to me
- Key will be when certain critical payments must be made.
- Petro and Karryn - I've slotted your names in as best I could... I
may have assigned incorrect person for task, not sure how you have split
your responsibilities as Ppl SA so please advise. 

4. Inge : 
- You are currently busy with a lot of what I think will be under
marketing though it does not feature clearly on the chart save for being
under "Design of promotional materials"?? want us to subdivide that task
further to allow details on the timing to be captured? please advise.

5. Under Public Relations (We've separated it from Marketing): Dawn ...
not sure placed you as Coordinator...
what exactly are we saying constitutes Govt, GISSA and People SA
Liaison?? Are they activities? Should there be specific activities
identified under each one with specific dates for completion?. - Advise

6. Hanging items??:
- There are items that I cannot quite tell re their placement/
addition...i.e. Tender space virtual market, Demonstration theater,
Integration challenge, Green event management, Volunteers. 
What are these and should they not fit into overall tasks already
outlined?? If not I can't tell where they are in the big picture.
assigned Coordinators please advise.

7. Other LOC members - without tasks so far:
- there's several gaps where warm bodies are needed to run with tasks.
any takers?

Contributions will be much appreciated form the LOC. If you dont have
GanttProject please just go ahead and send contributions in an email or
whichever way.


Have a Fantastic Weekend! 



Daina Mudimbu
GIS Specialist
Ehlanzeni District Municipality
P.O. BOX 3333, Nelspruit 1200, South Africa
Tel: Direct line +27 (0)13 759 8616
Tel: Switchboard +27 (0)13 759 8500 extn. 8616
Mobile: +27 (0)82 8807571
Fax Number : 0866954056 
Email: dmudimbu at ledc.co.za 

Chairperson: GISSA Mpumalanga

>>> "Gavin Fleming" <GavinF at mintek.co.za> 11/05/07 4:07 PM >>>
Hi Daina

How are you coming on? Please let me know where you are and send me
you have (i.e. latest .gan file). Did you get input from anyone?

Stick Jeff back in wherever he was left out.

And you're welcome to send targeted e-mails, please!



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